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Our History

Kimia seed was established in 2000 and was active as a local store in Iran and distributed seeds to all parts of Iran and has good relations with Iranian farmers. In 2018, Kimia Seed Company was transformed to the goal of improving the country's agricultural level and increasing production and surface area And the improvement and quality of agricultural products has entered the international arena, in order to purchase agricultural institutions of the world from reputable companies and provide it to respected farmers. Kimia seed company with experts, testing seeds after field studies and tests Multiply on different varieties of seeds Valid in the world in many regions of Iran, introducing experimental cultures and examining the various characteristics of seeds, including the strength of germination percentage, fecundity, resistance to fruits and vegetables, apparent characteristics of fruits, and marketable parameters in order to select the best cultivars suitable for the country's climate, After conducting several studies in the field of seed and testing and comparing the imported varieties of different manufacturing companies of the world with the prevailing cultivars of the Iranian market, Kimia Seed Company selected the best among them and entered into a contract of cooperation and research and sales with the best possible participation. All the seeds produced by Kimia Seed Company have passed their testing and stages throughout the country and is now being used by many farmers with full satisfaction.

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Our Vision

Major Views

We strive to be a leading company on the path of continuous innovation. We provide high-quality products at competitive prices and valuable services to our partners and customers at any time and place. We make our customers' lives more productive by developing partnerships with companies around the world. We will bring a better life for our customers.

Our Mission

Our Aims

We aim to enhance the agricultural level of the country and improve the quality of agricultural products. To this end, agricultural products of the world can be bought from reputable companies and importing into the country and making them available to the farmers.